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America is safer when our schools are safer
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  Register Your Radio    


  Please indicate receipt of your radio by the following:

  • If a public school, register the radio at:

  • If a nonpublic school, place the "property of United States Government" sticker on the radio and complete the license agreement online at:

  • This will only take a minute to complete and there are many other useful safety-related links on the Web page.

    All schools are asked to:
  • Place the radio in a location that is continually monitored;
  • Vis the Web site for additional information including FAQs and other support resources.

    The Hurricane Center
    A Program to Protect Our Students

      National Weather Service
      Operations Division, W/OPS1
      Configuration Branch, W/OPS13
      Page last modified: June 19, 2009
      Contact the NWR School Radio Administrator


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